Advice Process

Our 6 Stage Process

Financial advice is about ensuring you achieve your goals and objectives allowing you to live the life you love.

For this reason our advisers at Batir Wealth spend siginificant time gaining an understanding of where you are now, what’s important to you and what life you want to live.

The advice process consists of: (Click to enlarge)

  • Discovery Meeting – enable you to gain an understanding of  Bâtir Wealth and for our advisers to undertand your dreams, goals and worries to develop a clear vision of your financial future.
  • Gather Information -  Your current assets, liabilities, income and expenses are reviewed.
  • Analyse Information – Bâtir Wealth will review your information and only offer you our services if we can add significant value to you.
  • Propose Recommendations – Your tailored advice will be presented and explained in detail to you.
  • Take Action – Your plan will be implemented and then reviewed at the 3 month mark to ensure you are comfortable with it.
  • Track Progress – Your financial plan is a guide to your life. As your life changes so should your financial plan.

We believe that financial planning is a living and breathing process that needs reviewing, just like your lives. As the circumstances in your life change, so should your financial plan to keep the two aligned along your life journey. We ensure this occurs through the regular and ongoing review of your goals and values, how you are tracking towards achieving these, and if necessary, changing your portfolio or strategy to suit your current lifestyle.