bâtir/ bɑtiʀ/(conjugate)translative verb
1.    to build;
2.    to construct

Bâtir Wealth is a boutique advice firm that specialises in building, protecting and maintaining the wealth of directors of successful private companies, executives, professionals and other high net worth individuals.

As a values-based advice firm, we begin by understanding your values and most important goals so the decisions you make are aligned to things that matter most to you.

We take the time to fully understand your life situation and your vision for the future. Together, we identify your life goals, challenges and opportunities, giving you a clear view of the journey ahead. We explore all your options in depth, so you can feel confident in crafting the best financial solutions and wealth management strategies for you.

Your personal, integrated financial plan will give you smart, strategic solutions – empowering you to have control over your future and the freedom to enjoy it. We will stay with you for the long term, so you know you’re not alone on the journey. With the right advice, you’ll be free to make the most of your future and live the life you love.