Our Philosophy

Holistic Advice

We believe that financial planning is a living and breathing process that needs reviewing, just like your lives. As the circumstances in your life change, so should your financial plan to keep the two aligned along your life journey. We ensure this occurs through the regular and ongoing review of your goals and values, how you are tracking towards achieving these, and if necessary, changing your portfolio or strategy to suit your current lifestyle.

Lifelong Journey

Batir Wealth advisers coach their clients to identify and confront their real objectives. A comprehensive strategy is developed to achieve those objectives with greater control and certainty over time.

The wealth management needs of clients vary according to life stage and individual circumstance. Priorities may move from wealth acquisition (building) to wealth protection, or from investment growth to estate planning.

Realistic Approach

Many financial advisers are paid fees by the products they advise or the groups where they invest. This leads to confusion and misunderstanding on exactly the level of fees that a client pays. This methodology does not lend itself to transparency, objectivity and, ultimately trust.

By contrast, Batir Wealth typically charge on a fee for service basis. As we are committed to being transparent and objective, our focus is always on the best interests of the client. ┬áBatir Wealth advisers responsibly manage their client’s money and ensure all actions are aligned with the long-term incentive to achieve their client’s objectives